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Adventures Big V Estates Limited farm, situated on the western slopes of Mount Oldeani near the Ngorongoro Conservation area in northern Tanzania, boasts a rich history. Originally established by German settlers in 1929, was later known as Nitin Coffee Estate Ltd owned by the Ondhia family from 1962. In May 2022, it changed ownership and became Adventures Big V Estates Limited under the management of Coffee Management Services. This farm serves as a vital wildlife corridor, facilitating the movement of elephants, buffaloes, and other animals between the Ngorongoro Crater, the world's largest game reserve. The coffee grown here, at an elevation of approximately 6000 feet above sea level, benefits from the shade provided by albizzia, grevillea, and cordia trees. The rich volcanic soil and underlying black currents contribute to the coffee's bright acidity. Furthermore, the farm holds Rainforest Alliance certification, emphasizing its commitment to sustainable practices and environmental conservation

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The farm is Rain Forest Alliance certified


Total farm area

186 hectares


1600-1700 m



Total trees


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Sustainability stories

Examples of sustainable practices: sun dried coffee, shade grown coffee and our own nursery for bringing up new coffee plants

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We have collaborated with Era of We to create a sustainable and transparent supply chain which benefits all.

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