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Who we are

Sipi Falls is a 20000-member coffee growers’ collective, all based near Sipi Falls waterfall, and made up of small farms dotted along the slope of Mount Elgon in Uganda. A local legend says that a benevolent god lives on its summit. When he smiles, plentiful rain falls on the farms, blessing each bean.

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Coffee With A Conscience 

Our conscience guides us to ensure our coffee is kind to the planet and people. Our certifications are tangible proof that we have achieved these goals.


Total farm area

15995 hectares


1400-2000 m



Total trees


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Nurturing All That Nurtures Our Beans

We consciously ensure that our farming practices are kind to our people, our land and our forests. 

A partnership to revolutionize the coffee industry.

We have collaborated with Era of We to create a sustainable and transparent supply chain which benefits all.

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