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Whitestone Farm formerly known as Swahara Coffee Estate is situated in Gatanga Sub County in Murang'a County about 8 km from Thika Town off Gatanga Road. The farm Borders Gethumbuini Estate to the Western side, Twin River 2 Estate to the Eastern side, Thika River to the North and Gitamuru River valley to the south. The total farm area is 34.85 hectares of which 18.40 hectare is mature coffee and 3.45 hectare newly replanted SL 28 giving a total area under total coffee of 21.85 hectares with 32,586 trees, (excl the 13,000 interplanted seedlings in blocks 2,4,5).

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Total farm area

35 hectares


1525-1525 m



Total trees



We are situated in Gatanga Sub-County in Muranga about 8km from Thika Town Road. Phone: +254 735 941 148 +254 727 973 695 Email: info@whitestonecoffeeestate.co.ke info@coffeemanagement.co.ke

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Future Prospect

Our immediate future goal is to increase present production from 1.63 T /HA to 2.5T/HA

A partnership to revolutionize the coffee industry.

We have collaborated with Era of We to create a sustainable and transparent supply chain which benefits all.

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