Distinctive Beans Come From Our Unique Terroir and Groundbreaking Modernizations 

The cool weather and seasonal variances of our unique microclimate combine with constant scientific improvements to grow truly distinctive beans.

Total farm area

1456 hectares


530-750 m



Total trees


Our Assemblage of Coffees

A wide array of exquisite varietals and award-winning coffees that are sure to delight you.

Variety Image 1
Mundo Novo 388/17

This variety is characterized by high production of processed coffee, combined with an excellent vegetative aspect.


Plantation Facts

Total Production by variety


Mundo Novo 388/17
Total Production by lots


  • Brazil - Jacarezinho

  • Norte Pioneiro do Paraná

  • 276000

  • 1500000

  • Clay

  • 10 - 35 degrees Celsius

  • Soy, Corn, Sorgum, Oat, African Mognum

  • Deer, several different species of birds, armadillos, wild cats, jaguars, capybara, paca, cutia, wild pig, coati, alligator (jacaré), different species of monkeys, wolves

Our Green Coffee Lots

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Plot namePlot sizeAv. scoreAltitudeVarietalSpeciesFlavour profile
Talhão 8 3.71 hectares 80 560-565 m Mundo Novo 388/17ArabicaNA
Talhão 9 3.43 hectares 80 560-565 m Mundo Novo 388/17ArabicaNA

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