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Fazendas Klem Altitude: 900 – 1250 m. Average temperature: 22,5° C. City: Martins Soares, Manhumirim, Minas Gerais State, Brasil. Soil: Red-yellow latosols: clayey. Coffee Ha: 200 Ha. Varietals: Red Catucai 785, yellow and red Catuai 44, yellow Bourbon, yellow Icatu, yellow caturra, red Oeiras, red Mundo novo. Process coffee: Natural, pulped natural, fully washed and another fermentation experiences. Harvest: Hand-picked. Drying: African raised bed, Mechanical dried and patio dried. Polyculture: Organic Tropical Avocado, Organic Hass Avocado, Specialty Coffee Organic and Banana prata.

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Awards & certificates

2017 - 3th The best Coffee of Cup of Excellence. Score 91,17 SCA, Crop 2017 and many more awards


Total farm area

750 hectares


1000-1300 m



Total trees


How to contact us

Feel free to contact us via email or phone. We are also more than happy to show you around the estate if you want to plan a visit

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Sustainability stories

We follow strict criteria of ethical standards in the relationship with their employees and providers; we are committed to promoting environmental awareness in the region and being role a model.

A partnership to revolutionize the coffee industry.

We have collaborated with Era of We to create a sustainable and transparent supply chain which benefits all.

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