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For about 2,000 years, women residents of Japanese coastal villages have plunged into the almost frozen waters of the Pacific Ocean in search of pearl-producing oysters and snails. They were very young, some of them still girls, and they developed the incredible ability to take minutes without breathing. The women returned to the surface for just a few seconds and repeated this movement up to 60 times in a single diving session. Inspired by the search for these women, we bring the rarest and most precious coffee beans of our fam, the unique result of dedicated and proud hands.

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SMS (Sustainable Management Services)

Always trying to improve our quality and sustenaibility


Total farm area

100 hectares


1200-1400 m



Total trees


Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira Filho

For Luiz Paulo Pereira, 4th generation coffee producer and CEO of Brazil’s legendary Carmo Coffees Luiz’s approach to coffee stands out from many other producers in Brazil.

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We are part of something bigger!

Sustainability is a goal that must be achieved in all sectors. We want to be part of a better future.

A partnership to revolutionize the coffee industry.

We have collaborated with Era of We to create a sustainable and transparent supply chain which benefits all.

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