Cóndor San Agustin

Who we are

San Agustín is a famous region of the ‘Macizo Colombiano’, which refers to a group of Andean mountains in Southern Colombia. It is home to the largest group of religious monuments and megalith sculptures in South America, constituting gods and mythical animals from Andean culture dating from the 1st century. The monuments comprise a UNESCO world heritage site. Cóndor has partnered with local San Agustín farmers for over more than 30 years; together pioneering the commercialization of specialty coffee throughout the region. This has included the establishment of ‘Club San Agustín’, which identifies the top quality producers.

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Social Responsability

In search of a better quality of life of small farmers, an alliance between Condor and a state agency to provide social services to the local community has been established.


Total farm area

1237 hectares


1650-1950 m



Total trees


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Cóndor’s work in San Agustín has been proved over the years: direct relationships and sourcing from farmers, including technical services for improved agricultural practices and focus on cup quality.

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Improving agicultural practices

Condor’s mode of operation in San Agustin based on direct relationships and sourcing from individual farmers providing technical services for improved agricultural practices, and a strong focus on cup quality.

A partnership to revolutionize the coffee industry.

We have collaborated with Era of We to create a sustainable and transparent supply chain which benefits all.

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