A cup full of passion and compassion

Three Generations, one passion. 

A deep love for quality coffee brought the Borgonovo family from Italy to El Salvador to set up a coffee estate in the Balsamo/Quezaltepec mountain range. This family-owned farm grows fine, flavourful coffee while ensuring that the ecology, community and workforce are well cared-for. 

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Unparalleled ethics

Our strong community ties, strict environmental protection policies and extensive community engagement ensure that your San Carlos coffee is ethical and benefits the community that grows it. 


Total farm area

176 hectares


900-1350 m



Total trees



We’d love to hear from you and welcome you into the global San Carlos family.

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Nurturing rainforests that nurture us

We’re Rainforest Alliance certified and have organized coffee farmers to collaboratively tackle climate change.

A partnership to revolutionize the coffee industry.

We have collaborated with Era of We to create a sustainable and transparent supply chain which benefits all.

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