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New opportunities for all hospitalities alike to promote optimistic capitalism


Global Movement

Be a part of a global movement to create a sustainable, healthy supply chain.



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Julia Sanchez

Purchasing director
Blue Roasters

Era of We has helped us achieve a 35% higher success rate, and establish a relationship with our farmer. Additionally, we’ve also seen a 80% reduction in customer support tickets. Era of we has become our primary purchasing tool for green coffee buying and selling our roasted coffee to our vendors

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Sample shipment

Send roasters and coffee buyers green coffee samples.

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Import and delivery

Get green coffee from the producers and cooperatives to the roasters.

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Ship green coffee from producers and cooperatives to the roasters.

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Score and grade green coffee for defects and cup quality.

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Offer dry and wet willing services to transform coffee from seeds to green beans.

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Code of conduct audit

Make sure stakeholders are operating by our legal and ethical standards.

Great teamwork takes more than just great tools. It takes commitment.

Team work

Time investment

Spend time understanding Era of We's purpose and values.

Team work


Participate to improve the community and and take charge of multiple business models

Team work

Marketing & communication

Spread the word with others and share the mission of transparency in coffee.

Team work

Estate attributes

Roasters should adopt at least three estates and onboard one micro-roaster to provide equal opportunity.

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