Strengthening the coffee value chain with verified sustainability

Era of We goes beyond farm-to-cup sustainability with a mission to secure the future of coffee



It`s a win - win - win relationship

Reinforce your brand values through transparent sustainability initiatives and help add value for all stakeholders.

We have a responsibility to our ecosystem



We enable roasters to maintain and reinforce their sustainability commitments, adding value back to coffee. Roasters can better market their sustainability efforts to consumers, building brand loyalty, and empowering farmers to shift towards sustainable agriculture and higher standards of living.


All stakeholders in the supply chain are transparently connected, strengthening the availability of traceable data and a way to stay linked for generations to come.


We are committed to improve the environments in which we operate, setting comprehensive standards that our partners must meet that comply with environmental policies.

Put your sustainability efforts front and center with Era of We

Communicate your sustainability work to consumers effectively and manage your initiatives in a secure, customizable database.


We believe in our partners

Empowering Traditional Coffee Growers

Aiming to empower traditional, single-family farms and encourage voluntary sustainability standards, 1900 smallholder coffee farmers in the Mount Elgon region of Uganda organized themselves under the umbrella of the Kawacom Uganda Limited- Sipi Falls Scheme. Over the years, the group has grown organically to 14,000 farms with sustainable methodologies and Organic, Utz, RA and Café certifications.

Sipi Falls

How we manage our practices for sustainability

We implement several steps throughout the onboarding process to ensure that our partners maintain sustainability standards.

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