There is no transparency without traceability

Knowing everything about your coffee ensures accountability from everyone involved, paving the way for an improving sustainable supply chain.

How does traceability help our community reinvent the supply chain?

Easy, transparent, and efficient frameworks for everyone involved

Team work

Program management with every step mapped and documented.

Team work

Transparent and accessible performance data.

Team work

Validation of sustainable practices by both the roaster and the producer.

Team work

Trust and confidence built with consumers and supply chain partners.

The biggest trend driving change in the food and beverage industry right now is TRANSPARENCY

- Julia B. Olayanju, "Forbes Magazine"

We deliver traceability to you in 4 easy steps.

Era of We uses informative data to deliver a meaningful experience.


Scan your QR Code

Era of We compliance products are equipped with a QR code that explores your coffee's story.


Experience the journey

Trace the history from farm to cup with an engaging interactive story.


Rate & Buy

Leave reviews, connect with the farmers, and drink more traceable coffees to continue the journey.


Farms are informed about you

Producers feel connected to coffee drinkers, and pick custom coffees after feedback.

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