Create Impact with Traceability

Knowing everything about your coffee ensures accountability from everyone involved, paving the way for an improving sustainable supply chain.

Transforming the supply chain through traceability

An efficient, all-inclusive ERP add-on to streamline your traceability data and harness it to elevate your brand.

Team work

Program management with every step mapped and documented.

Team work

Transparent and accessible performance data.

Team work

Validation of sustainable practices by both the roaster and the producer.

Team work

Trust and confidence built with consumers and supply chain partners.

Our purpose is to make coffee valued by its sustainability

- Niklas Löfberg, "CEO at Era of We"

Transform and showcase your traceability efficiently

Era of We uses informative data to deliver a meaningful experience.


Integrate your trading and quality data

Era of We compliance products are equipped with a QR code that explores your coffee's story.


Create customised Digital Product Passports, web apps and QR codes

Build customised marketing collateral and digital product passports for your products including web pages, web apps, and QR codes using our non-code app builder.


Channel your traceability efforts to drive consumer decisions

Your QR codes and web apps can be deployed in marketing communication and help build your brand image.


Stay true to your sustainability commitments

Put your sustainability efforts front and centre and strengthen consumer trust in your brand.

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