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Coffee roasting is the process of heating the coffee cherry seeds to augment aroma and flavor and ultimately increase solubility. Why do we keep talking about solubility? Because it is the essential element of coffee brewing.

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Joachim Estal
Coffee experts@The Coffee Lab
10 days
Hey Vasileia, Aside from what's already enumerated, one main key factor that makes the best coffee is altitude. Altitude is a primary component of good-quality coffee....
David Akinwale
Coffee experts@The Coffee Lab
12 days
Hi Vasileia, There are several things you can look for when you are buying a bag of coffee, and it can be even more helpful when...
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Tanya Nanetti
Coffee experts@The Coffee Lab
8 days
Hi Joachim, as both a coffee lover and a barista I would say "How much as you like!", but of course there's a limit that...

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