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¿Qué es El Laboratorio del Café?

The Coffee Lab es una plataforma para que cualquier persona en el mundo del café, desde tostadores hasta fincas y cerveceros caseros, comparta sus puntos de vista, conocimientos y experiencias. Los miembros pueden hacer preguntas, brindar respuestas, hablar sobre sus marcas, compartir consejos, escribir sobre la cultura del café y mucho más. Si te encanta el café y quieres compartirlo, ¡este es el lugar para ti!

Coffee Businesses

Share your brand story directly with our audience. This platform gives you the space to build trust in your brand by sharing your expertise with consumers.


Write about your coffee experiences, share your own articles and recipes, pose questions to experts and other consumers. It enables you to meet other coffee lovers from around the world


Help make coffee more inclusive by translating and proofreading in 9 languages, with more languages being added soon.

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Amantes del café y expertos de la industria comparten su experiencia con The Coffee Lab
Aprende más sobre el café y comparte tus experiencias

Yker Valerio

Bon Vivant Caffè

The world of coffee is full of generous and forward-thinking individuals and organizations. Since I started learning about specialty coffee, I have met incredible people. In this regard, The Coffee Lab is great to meet coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts, sharing insights, and keeping up-to-date. I genuinely enjoy participating in The Coffee Lab, and I’m excited about its future.

Vasileia Fanaroti

The Wandering Bean

The Coffee Lab is a brilliant platform for both coffee enthusiasts and professionals to share knowledge, learn from each other and stay in touch. It has many coffee recipes and articles, from how-to tutorials to anything related to the coffee value-chain. The Q&A section is my favorite place to ask questions, share thoughts or get advice from others within the community!

Susan Rov

Coffee Writer

The Era of We is a great place to connect with other coffee lovers within the community as well as my go-to resource for coffee recipes and educational articles. It’s so valuable to exchange information on a global scale and engage in discussions with coffee enthusiasts from the other side of the world!

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