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Exploring the Historical Relationship Between Coffee and Economic Crises

Exploring coffee's historical resilience during economic downturns, from the Great Depression to the Latin American Coffee Crisis, reveals valuable lessons. Beyond a beloved beverage, coffee serves as an economic indicator, reflecting global trends. Each cup becomes a narrative of economic, social, and environmental stewardship.

Chandra Melo
Coffee experts@The Coffee Lab

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Chandra Melo

Marketing as job, barista as passion. An authentic coffee lover, looking for the next fantastic cup of coffee that I will fall in love with. Coffee, for me, is more than a beverage. It's about community and connection - how can all the world consume the same fruit? And differently? How can we have so many different tastes? I also don't know. And because of this, I feel in love each day more for this world. Happy to share and make a change in the coffee community.

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