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Instantkoffieproductie: een diepe duik

Ontdek de reis van oploskoffie: van boon tot kopje en verder. Ervaar de magie van de productie van oploskoffie, een boeiende reis van sperziebonen naar rehydrateerbare kristallen, doordrenkt van geschiedenis, innovatie en milieuoverwegingen.

Chandra Melo
Koffie experts@The Coffee Lab

Over de schrijver

Chandra Melo

Marketing as job, barista as passion. An authentic coffee lover, looking for the next fantastic cup of coffee that I will fall in love with. Coffee, for me, is more than a beverage. It's about community and connection - how can all the world consume the same fruit? And differently? How can we have so many different tastes? I also don't know. And because of this, I feel in love each day more for this world. Happy to share and make a change in the coffee community.

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