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Almond Milk Coffee

Almond Milk is a fantastic dairy-free alternative to milk that makes a tasty cup of coffee.
Published December 14, 2021
Chandra Melo
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One of the best things about putting coffee in almond milk is that actually, the creamy consistency and flavor aren’t worlds away from full-fat milk, so you can make direct swaps without having to change the method.

An Easy Almond Milk Coffee Recipe

If you fancy a quick almond milk coffee or don’t have an espresso machine, simply make a cup of your favorite instant coffee and add a splash of almond milk for a wonderfully nutty yet creamy flavor.

Can You Put Almond Milk in Coffee?

People often worry about using different kinds of milk in coffee, but almond milk is a perfect choice. It’s creamy, it tastes great, and it compliments strong coffee really well.

Is Almond Milk Good in Coffee?

Almond milk is great in coffee! But most dairy-free milk alternatives are. Experiment with different flavors and use your favorite.

Can You Froth Almond Milk?

Not all alternatives to milk froth or foam well. The good news is almond milk isn’t one of them.

Almond milk is very creamy and fairly thick. This means it foams up just as well as regular full-fat milk and is perfect for lattes and other coffee drinks.

Making Other Warm Almond Milk Drinks

An almond milk espresso can be the base of many gorgeous warm coffee drinks. Enjoy a simple coffee with espresso, water, and a splash of almond milk, or try an almond milk macchiato with a 1:1 espresso/foamed almond milk ratio. Top this with vegan-friendly caramel syrup for a decadent treat.

If you love almond milk lattes and just want to add some different flavors, try adding a splash of different coffee syrups, or even chocolate syrups and sauces you’ve already got at home to the espresso before you top with the foamed milk.

You can also make almond milk drinks, such as hot chocolate, dirty chai lattes, teas with milk, and other warm, comforting classics.

The nutty flavors mean that almond milk and coffee are a fabulous combination, but this popular dairy-free milk alternative is a great choice for many warm drinks this winter. 




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