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Starbucks Style Homemade Caramel Latte Espresso Recipe

A sweet caramel latte with plenty of energy-boosting espresso is everyone’s favorite coffee house treat. This easy recipe means that you can enjoy this smooth, sweet drink at home whenever you want.
Published November 26, 2021
Chandra Melo
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Using a Milk Frother

If your machine doesn’t have a milk steamer, or you are using something like a French Press or AeroPress to brew an espresso, you can also use a standalone milk frother for your espresso.

Simply froth a cup of milk with the wand until it’s appropriately thick and follow this recipe.

If you are using a frother, you might want to try adding a drizzle of caramel before frothing to flavor your milk.

How Much Coffee is in a Caramel Latte?

This recipe is a double shot of espresso brewed with a 1:2 ratio.

A double shot is a fairly standard measure in most popular coffee houses, so this recipe compares to caramel latte Starbucks ingredients.

If you want a stronger coffee, add an extra shot. For a weaker drink, try a single shot, or use a 1:3 ratio and reduce the milk if needed.

Making a Low-Fat Caramel Latte

You might wonder about reducing fat and sugar when you learn how to make a caramel latte. The good news is, it’s easy to do without losing any of that divine flavor.

Start by swapping your milk for 2% or even fat-free. Then make sure the syrup or sauce that you are using is sugar-free.

Finally, skip the whipped cream and you’ve got a delicious low-fat warming treat.

Can You Make a Vegan Caramel Latte?

You can easily make a vegan caramel latte at home. Caramel is a flavor that works with plenty of different dairy-free milk alternatives such as oat or almond milk, so use your favorite. Then, make sure the syrups and coffee that you are using are suitable for vegans.

You may choose to skip the whipped cream entirely, but vegan creams are becoming more popular and easier to either make or buy.

Can You Serve This Caramel Latte Chilled?

If you want to make an iced caramel coffee drink just pour the ingredients over ice and blend, skipping the steamer for the milk. You could also add a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a creamier flavor. 




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